ASA membership requires component society membership(ISA) for U.S. members.


  • Annual educational meeting
  • Practice management meeting
  • Periodic updates and newsletters
  • Recognized at the ASA
  • Representation and updates on state and federal legislative and regulatory issues

Application for Membership
The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) offers an online membership application for obtaining membership to the Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists (ISA) and ASA. The following link will redirect you to the ASA website to register as a new member or rejoin (http://www.asahq.org/member-center/membership-eligibility). The requisite portion for component societies must be completed. ASA will receive the information and then forward to ISA. If you belong to ASA, you must belong to the state component society (ISA) and vice versa.

There are six classes of membership: Active, Affiliate, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Honorary, Resident, and Retired.

Active Member
A physician who is engaged in the practice of, or who is especially interested in the medical specialty of anesthesiology, who has successfully completed a training program in anesthesiology, who has a degree of Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine, or Doctor of Osteopathy, who is licensed to practice medicine, whose location of prin­cipal professional activity is in the state of Indiana, and who is an Active member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, shall be eligible to become an Active member.

Affiliate Member
A physician or other scientist who is espe­cially interested in the field of anesthesiology, but who does not fulfill the requirements for inclusion in other categories, or a physician in the ser­vice of the United States Government or the Veterans Administration, shall be eligible to become an Affiliate member.

Anesthesiologist Assistant Member
An anesthesiologist assistant who is a Fellow member in good standing of the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAAA) and whose location of principal professional activity is in the state of Indiana shall be eligible to become an Anesthesiologist Assistant Member. The Secretary of this Society shall review and approve all Anesthesiologist Assistant applications.

Honorary Member
A doctor of medicine or a scientist who shall have rendered years of faithful service to this Society, or who has made a significant contribution to anesthesiology, or who has attained ex­ceptional eminence in anesthesiology, shall be eligible to become an Hon­orary member.

Resident Member
A physician in full-time training in an ac­credited anesthesiology residency in the state of Indiana shall be eligible to become a Resident member.

Retired Member
A doctor of medicine who shall have been an active member of this Society in good standing for a period of at least ten years and who shall have attained the age of 65 years, or shall have be­come permanently disabled, shall be eligible to become a Retired mem­ber, provided, however, that the Board of Directors may at its discretion modify the time and age requirements, and that Retired membership shall terminate upon resumption of professional activity.

An applicant shall be enrolled as a member upon completion of membership requirements and payment of the appropriate membership dues.

2018 Annual Dues
Effective November 2015, ISA has joined the ASA Unified Billing Program. Your 2018 ISA membership dues will be included with your ASA dues invoice.

Active $275
Affiliate $275
Anesthesiologist Assistant $80
Honorary (complimentary)
Resident (complimentary)
Retired (complimentary)