INDIANESPAC provides political support for ISA's advocacy efforts and allows our members to participate in the political process. ISA members are encouraged to contribute to the PAC annually.


ISAPAC Day of Donation and Advocacy is October 19, 2017.

Anesthesiologists from Indiana offered great support this year to the ASAPAC on its Day of Contribution Challenge on August 10, 2017. Over 200 anesthesiologists (highest number in any state) made a total of $37,000 in donations (second highest of any state) to the ASAPAC that day.

Thank you to those ISA members who have contributed to the 2017 ASAPAC and ISAPAC. Your donations are critical to continue the work of advocacy. Current issues are many including scope of practice and out of network billing. It is vital that we are present at the table when these discussions are taking place.

As of 8/27/2017, 104 members had donated $22,897 to the 2017 ISAPAC. On the same date in 2016, 156 members had donated $30,705. Comparing 2016 to 2017, the ISAPAC donation is down $7,808 and 52 members. Only 9.7% of the ISA members had donated to the ISAPAC. We can do better!

Following the success of the ASAPAC Day of Contribution Challenge, ISAPAC will have its Day of Donation on 10/19/2017 and encourages everyone to actively participate. Please donate, even those who have donated, and encourage your partners to donate. We need everyone to be engaged.


Suggested Amounts:

ISA Members: $600, $300, or $150
ISA Resident Members: $20


ISA 2017 PAC Donation