Below is the intro to the Summer 2018 Newsletter from President, Dr. Seung Sim.

Dear ISA members:

I am very honored and humbled to serve as your next ISA President. Joining me in the Executive Committee are Dr. Alex Choi as the Immediate Past President, Dr. Nic Datzman as the President-Elect, and Dr. Doris Hardacker as the Secretary-Treasurer. I look forward to working with the Executive Committee and all of the ISA members to continue the work of Dr. Alex Choi. He has continued the excellent work of the past ISA Presidents to navigate ISA into a better and stronger organization that it is today.

With the continuing support of all ISA members, I will work to improve and strengthen ISA. ISA’s mission of education and advocacy can never take a back seat. With ever changing healthcare landscape, we have to be more engaged than ever before.

Please click on the file below to open the pdf document and read the entire newsletter.